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the Altschuller way

TRIZ essentials

Our virtual training for successful technical problem solving.

Yes, really!

With the TRIZ methodology, you learn how to analyze technical problems and solve them in an innovative way.

The focus is on both analyzing and solving technical problems by using different tools provided by the TRIZ framework. You learn how to formulate technical and physical contradictions and how to generate innovative ideas by using the 40 inventive principles, resources, trends, smart little people and many more.

What you will get

Overview of the TRIZ methodology

Concrete tools to analyze technical problems

Formulating technical and physical contradictions

The 40 inventive principles

Resource & function orientation as framework to solve problems

Trend evaluation & Smart Little People as tool to generate ideas

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A 4 hour virtual deep dive into the topic

Interaction with peers of other organisations

Exchange on usecases from different industries

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We also offer a free first consulting session for those who are just starting with innovation.
If you still have questions, take a look at our FAQs or contact us.