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Welcome to wonderland

Who’s Alice At Work?

Follow the white rabbit …

Leave the known behind

Working in and with Innovation and Business Development requires stepping out of the known. Following an, sometimes, uncertain path. That is what clients refer to as “Work in Wonderland”.

In Wonderland you never know what comes next, as it is with Innovation and new Businesses. Sometimes you even haven’t considered it yet. Sometimes you couldn’t know it yet. And sometimes curiosity needs to be awaken.

Why Alice?

We know that these types of work need to go beyond existing beliefs. That is why the work with our clients is about finding and following these unlikely clues that eventually lead to success.

And, we don’t leave our clients in Wonderland. We are putting “Alice” to work to make tangible progress in Innovation and Business Development. Guiding them and you to successful results.

No matter if early stage ideation or developing new and innovative go-to-market strategies.

Empowering exceptional progress

Focus on results

We ensure that making progress is always on top of the agenda, never waste time.


We provide the guidance needed to step into unknown territory, with confidence.


We empower our clients to think beyond the obvious, challenging existing beliefs.

That’s what innovation is about. we are about. our projects are about.

and experience

Our expertise

Empowering growth by embracing possibilities and collaboration. For Jürgen, it’s all about dedication. With boundless passion, he leads clients towards unprecedented success by striving for the leap. The next innovative breakthroughs might be just around the corner.

Jürgen Kern
Innovative workplace development

Unleashing creative potential. With a focus on design thinking and lean start-up, Julia empowers her clients with boundless enthusiasm, professionalism, and expertise to understand needs and drive projects to success.

Julia Achatz
Innovation, Creativity and Change

30+ years of innovating. Our award-winning inventor thriving to empower clients to make exceptional progress in every innovation project. Stefan breathes innovation. Full stop.

Stefan Posch
Innovation, Change and Leadership

Embracing the unknown. Michael thrives in uncertain challenges. Pioneering the effectuation concept, he seamlessly blends science and consultancy, making entrepreneurial thinking accessible to all.

Michael Faschingbauer
Innovation, Intra- and Entrepreneurship

Driving tangible transformation. With a focus on ‘results orientation,’ Markus is the driving force behind clients’ sustainable change and innovation. Accelerating time to market, validating opportunities, and strengthening innovation capabilities are his specialties.

Markus Spiegel
Innovation, Change and Leadership

Stop starting, start finishing. With creativity, humor, and consistency, Christina drives innovation and change for her clients. Trust and purpose lead her way, turning visions into extraordinary realities.

Christina Duller
Innovation, Agile and Facilitation